How to recover from Long COVID and post vax (short summary version)

I’ve surveyed over 525 people. Here’s how most people recovered:

  • Fasting (usually for more than 48 hours)
  • Treatments with anti-microbial properties - certain supplements, certain prescription drugs, and HBOT.

Effective treatments are usually double-edged swords that will cause harm to some people. Currently, no testing exists that would help predict the outcome of any particular treatment. So, patients have to take a trial and error approach to figure out what helps and what causes harm.

Recovery rates are low, e.g. 7%-8% are mostly recovered (able to work their old job without accommodations, no or low complaints about remaining symptoms). This is likely because people aren’t trying the treatments that do things. Only 5.8% of the people surveyed report trying high pressure HBOT, which is the most proven treatment.

What might be going on

Patients have an infection of some sort but we don’t know what it is.


Take pneumonia for example, which is often caused by a bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae. This bacteria commonly lives in healthy people without problems. However, for reasons that we don’t yet fully understand, they cause problems in some people and are therefore pathogenic.

Other microbes such as fungi and viruses also have this property- they live in healthy people without problems but sometimes turn pathogenic. The microbes responsible for Long COVID and post-vax (vaccine injury) likely resided in the body well before illness began. Everybody has microbes living inside them and typically they only cause minor problems. For example, fasciculations (involuntary rapid muscle twitches that are too weak to move a limb) existed before Long COVID and post-vax as there has been a condition called Benign Fasciculation Syndrome. Chronic illness sufferers just happen to have a long list of problems (of varying severity) while healthy people have a very short list of low-impact problems.

Sufferers don’t have the exact same combination of microbes so that’s why their problems are different.

Treatments that have an effect

  • For a list of prescription drugs, see the slides for the Protocol video (in the video description).


  1. Try treatments one at a time.
  2. Start with low dosages before moving up to the intended dosage. This is to reduce your risk.
  3. Discontinue treatment early if symptoms are going the wrong way. The treatments that work in some people will cause harm in others.

I highly recommend that you find competent medical help.

Unfortunately, there is not a single medical practitioner that I would confidently recommend right now. They haven’t yet figured out that treatments are double-edged swords. That idea is bad for medical practitioners because it’s not as sexy as a miracle cure. There’s no money to be made or clout to be gained in telling people that treatment is mediocre and has risk (even if it would eventually lead to recovery in some people).

If you care about safety, then you should become your own doctor and really know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, it will take work. I’ve written a few primers (primer ) on treatments like ivermectin but those primers don’t cover most treatments.

In practice, most people recovered by doing treatments without really knowing what they’re doing. That’s how I recovered. We usually don’t hear about the unlucky people because their posts don’t get upvoted on Reddit and because people don’t like to post their failures.

If you have limitations that get in the way of becoming a competent doctor, then you can stick with supplements and some of the treatments with a primer (e.g. HBOT, fasting).

If you have trouble getting access to prescription drugs or other treatments, see the Dallas Buyers Club video. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

What about better treatments?

It would be great if Long COVID and post-vax were easier to treat. Right now it just doesn’t exist.

I’m frustrated that bad actors continue to push miracle cures that don’t pan out. The reality is that patients have already tried a long list of things. Some patients have gone as far as manufacturing BC007 and GS-44 so that they get access to experimental drugs. Many crazy things have already been tried. It’s just that there hasn’t been much of a systematic effort to track patient outcomes until recently.

Before you get excited about something, check to see if people have already tried it. There’s survey data on the popularity of 235 treatments here:

I’m not going to lie to you because I am not trying to sell you anything. There are things that make recovery hard. Hopefully things get easier in the future… but until then, this is the best that we have right now. Fortunately, people are recovering.

Closing thoughts

I am mostly recovered and I experienced survivor’s guilt. Survivor’s guilt is a good problem to have and I hope more people recover like I did.

I quickly realized that what worked for me doesn’t work for most people. :frowning: For the same reason, other people’s individual recovery stories probably won’t help you. It is what it is. However, when we look at a large collection of recoveries, then we can see if there are patterns to recovery.

Full disclosure

There is a chance the approach outlined in this post is erroneous because patients are misreporting what happened to them. But, if you are going to try treatment anyways, then I believe that this is one of the safer approaches to treatment.

If you don’t want to take risk, then see this post for information on safe treatments that alleviate symptoms.

I’ve had no luck … Ill go back over above, but tried it all … I can’t even get a decent care team … My story and Mike’s on X are similar …

I am @MyVaccident on X … Mike is @VaxCasualty. He has a great care team … even though I have top tier insurance at 1k a month … I can’t get even a patient advocate here in Cincinnati.

Its sad.

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I live in Canada where doctors aren’t allowed to report too many vax injuries and can lose their license for treating it (e.g. Patrick Philips). Weirdly enough, it sort of turned out to be a good thing for me. They accidentally inflict harm on patients because there are financial incentives to bury the harms associated with SSRIs, breast implant illness, gadolinium dye used in MRIs with contrast, etc. etc. Without proper safety monitoring, you’re rolling the dice in a bad way when they prescribe gabapentin, SSRIs, and other questionable drugs to vax injured patients.

There are serious structural issues that get in the way of providing quality healthcare.

We also know of Long COVID and vax injured patients treated at the NIH’s research hospital and at Mayo Clinic. Whatever you think is the highest level of care possible, people have received it. What seems to be happening is that the best results aren’t coming from the mainstream healthcare system.

I gave myself access to healthcare (see the Dallas Buyers Club video). It worked out for me, but I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning and didn’t realize that I should have stopped one of my interventions a lot sooner.

Thanks Glenn … I am pretty sure u had a telegram or discord channel back in 2021 or 22? I think I recall u from there?

Your info is helpful, because it lets me know, (especially as a former pre med major) … that mainstream science can’t help me … which means you’ve given me a sort of epiphany.

I didnt fail in my attempts … science failed.

That being said, (and now I found u on Twitter too,) I’ll dig deeper into what has worked for you.

But Ive tried SO many B.S. protocols, and even attempted to create my own Sigma-1 agonist lol … it gets frustrating.

So many of the protocols and “grifters” are ruining it for good people like you, and the rest of us.

Hopefully you are posting all this info on treatments on Twitter as well?

So far, for me, the only relief has been from a mitochondrial powder, 3G USP niacin, mixed with a Cardio Powder, Dan Shen with lumbrokinase and a myriad of other supplements … all costing me $600.00 a month … all of them I found … so I tried to create my own protocol lol.

Thanks, Glenn

I barely use telegram so it must’ve been discord (somebody else’s discord).

People have gotten their hands on things. GS-44, BC007, etc.

:point_up: This. It took me a while to realize that feces can rise to the top instead of floating to the bottom.

I’m suppressed there and people don’t really see my Tweets. My other Twitter account isn’t being suppressed.

Long Covid Discord I think … I swear it was u or someone withbsame name that was working on Long Covid Wiki?

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