Long COVID, ME/CFS, and post vax may be the same multi-symptom syndrome...?

Various surveys so far suggest that ME/CFS, Long COVID, and post vax overlap heavily in terms of symptoms.

The practical takeaway is that chronic illness groups can extrapolate from what worked or what didn’t work for other groups.

The data

Patient Experiences Survey

I also performed a cluster analysis on the data, which found a distinct vax injured subgroup. However, it is probably an artifact of vax injured support groups rather than a medical difference. See slides 41-43 and 50-56 in version 2 of the slides.

Tom Bunker’s survey on LC and post vax

Symptom frequencies lined up.

Long Vax = Long Covid ? – Speeding Recovery from Long Covid

David Marks - MECFS versus LC

Biomedicines | Free Full-Text | Converging Evidence of Similar Symptomatology of ME/CFS and PASC Indicating Multisystemic Dyshomeostasis

MEAction is coming out with their survey on MECFS and LC, but I don’t think it’s out yet.

Limitations of surveys

People often misinterpret survey questions so they end up reporting ‘symptoms’ that they do not have. Higher quality surveys could greatly reduce this problem.

Another issue is that the “symptom” frequency depends heavily on survey design. This problem can be eliminated if the same survey is given to multiple chronic illness groups.

Genetic studies such as GWAS

GWAS = genome wide association study

Once the GWAS study on ME/CFS is completed (DecodeME), its results can be compared to the Long COVID GWAS study. A low number of potentially causative (or preventative) genes would suggest that the conditions are very similar.

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Potential common causes

One popular theory is that the spike protein causes both Long COVID and COVID vaccine injury. That doesn’t explain everything from before the pandemic such as ME/CFS and non-COVID vaccine injuries.

My theory is that the activation of the immune system is what opens the door to chronic illness. See this video. Vaccines must activate the immune system for lasting immunity to develop. Various people have theorized that infections lead to ME/CFS.

We should also be open to other theories. The three conditions seem to have elevated rates of autoimmune disease diagnoses (here’s data on LC and post vax).

What about PSSD?

See this post:

Researchers supposedly find a biomarker for LC and ME/CFS that is the same. Very small sample size so I suspect that their findings are unreliable. 8 LC, 10 MECFS, 10 healthy volunteers.

The researchers, from Griffith’s National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases, found the brainstem was significantly larger in long COVID patients and those with ME/CFS compared to people who had never been diagnosed with either ailment.

A comparison between ME/CFS and LC

Healthcare | Free Full-Text | A Comprehensive Examination of Severely Ill ME/CFS Patients

Data was pulled from 2 different surveys so the overlap was not that strong.

This is my LC specialist’s current theory about the root of my condition.

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2015 HPV vax injury paper describes a multi-symptom syndrome similar to COVID vax injury and Long COVID. Mental fog, POTS, etc.


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