Healthcare options for v injury in Canada (Sept 2023 edition)

Option A: Canadian Covid TeleHealth (CCTH)

Based on publicly-available information, you can figure out what they do. CCTH treats v injury and Long COVID. The CPSO persecuted all of the doctors until CCTH was down to Edward Leyton as the only doctor. And recently Leyton resigned from being a licensed doctor on Aug 1 (source: CPSO website). CCTH still has prescribers working for them.

The website is a little frustrating and doesn’t offer that much information right now.

CCTH is a good way to get an ivermectin prescription from a doctor. They can prescribe ivermectin and point you towards a compounding pharmacy for ivermectin. However, the colleges of medicine and pharmacy in Alberta and British Columbia prevent the prescribing or dispensing of ivermectin.

:point_right: If you do want to try ivermectin, see the “be your own doctor” section below. You can still ask your ivermectin-friendly medical team questions about ivermectin so you do not actually have to be your own doctor.

CCTH provides uninsured services so CCTH cannot compete against services provided by the public healthcare system for free. As such, there are certain limitations such as the CCTH’s inability to order testing.

Option B: Navigate your way into medical tests and healthcare

I recommend that you do NOT mention that you are vaccine injured. You can state your COVID information - when you got COVID, when you got jabbed, etc. Let the doctor figure it out. If they’re vax injured friendly then they will probably reveal their hand. If they’re not, then you don’t trigger that part of a bad doctor’s brain where they write you off as a hypochondriac or somebody who has gotten too much medical information from social media.

Here are some tips on using the emergency room system. A trip to the ER can get you faster access to testing and specialist referrals.

The LongHaulWiki newly injured guide has information on basic medical tests that you can try to get through the conventional medical system.

Option C: Go doctor shopping

Ideally, you want to see a doctor who has done some basic research on vax injury and how to treat it. Unfortunately, there are very few of these doctors around.

Video that explains how to use the public list:

Public list:–SX/pubhtml#

The public list has info on how to find MCAS specialists, foreign doctors, and Canadian Long COVID practitioners.

Private list:

Option D: Use an international telemed doctor

At least one Indian doctor will do international telemed. DeMello will try to ship prescription meds to you (with a prescription) for most provinces in Canada.
For more information on what he’s like, see this Facebook post.

Another International telemed doc is Alan Bain. See Canadians: Dr. Alan Bain may be able to help you with your vax injury

Option E: Be your own doctor

Various protocols are listed at Vaccine Injury Resources for Patients – Sick and Abandoned. Important caveats:

  • The treatments that work are also double-edged swords. Most doctors and protocols do not tell you this. :pensive: Treatment going the wrong way can be devastating so… start with low dosages and quit if treatment is going the wrong way.
  • Drugs interactions are real but I have yet to find good information on them (especially if the treatment is a supplement). A talented pharmacist would be extremely helpful but I don’t know where to find them and the support groups aren’t that obsessed about patient safety. Pharmacists do important things but patients haven’t really caught onto that point. See the post on pharmacogenetics, which discusses the interaction between drugs and your genetics.
  • The medical freedom movement is insane. Right now I can’t shine a light on everything that goes on. Unfortunately. But let’s just say that HBOT is the most proven treatment for Long COVID and the fact that doctors haven’t picked up on that says a lot about the low quality of medical care.

I wrote up the Patient Experiences Protocol because the information out there is so bad right now. See this video and the what worked video to understand the science behind vax injury treatment. The iHerb shopping list is a good starting place as supplements tend to be safer (but they’re still risky).

Here’s how you get ivermectin: Ivermectin - Long Haul Wiki Scroll down to the Canada-specific information.

HBOT you can get without a prescription. Please educate yourself on HBOT beforehand. A few people have reported ‘permanent’ or long-lasting worsening from HBOT, so there’s your informed consent. See the HBOT primer which was linked earlier.

How to get prescriptions meds without a prescription (this is sketchy)

And for drugs other than the centaur dewormer, let me clear my throat again coughgoldpharmacough … it’s a way to get prescription meds without a prescription.

This video explains how to get access to various medications: