Phyto-V - why I don't trust the published science on this Phytochemical capsule

Phyto-V is not a prebiotic/probiotic but a “Concentrated Phytochemical-Rich Nutritional Capsule”. It contains nutritional plant compounds that the designer(s) believes are beneficial. Like HBOT, there is a randomized controlled trial which shows a statistically significant benefit to taking this capsule. But unfortunately, I don’t know if this science is reliable.

Undisclosed conflict of interest

There are 2 different papers from Robert Thomas.

  1. YourGutPlus+, a prebiotic/probiotic capsule. This was not a RCT (randomized controlled trial).
  2. A RCT comparing only YourGutPlus+ to YourGutPlus and Phyto-V. This was a RCT.

The second paper states that “The authors declare no conflict of interest”. Nonetheless, the paper thanks for the donated probiotics. So here’s the issue:

  1. The website lists Robert Thomas as a “medical advisor” (
  2. The same website has also advertised consultation services offered by Thomas (
  3. Health Education Publications is listed as the owner of and is also the publisher of a 2010 book by Robert Thomas (,

It seems that a commercial relationship exists between Robert Thomas and, contrary to what the published paper says. A similar issue exists in the first paper, which states: “The research team involved in the study […] have no connection with the manufactures”.

The Phyto-V website heavily promotes the study

July 9 screenshot of

Am I being unfair?


What do you think? Is it possible that their research is reliable and that there might be something to a phytochemical capsule? Feel free to leave a comment below.