FYI: Lion's mane and ashwagandha have support groups for those injured by them

While these two supplements are fairly popular in chronic illness communities, please be aware that there are people who get hurt by these supplements. There are support groups for people who are screwed up by these natural products.

Symptoms of lion’s mane include:

  • Depersonalization/derealization
  • Anhedonia - lack of interest, enjoyment or pleasure from life’s experiences
  • Internal vibrations
  • Flight or fight reaction

Reddit support groups and stories

r/LionsManeRecovery thread on DO NOT TRY LION’S MANE!

  • Some people are reporting side effects from very small doses such as 1/12th of the recommended daily dose.

r/PSSD thread on ashwaganda induced PSSD

Survey data

Popularity: ~20% for lion’s mane, ~16% for ashwaganda

While reports of significant worsening are uncommon, it does happen. Most supplements do not have this high of a rate of worsening (mild+significant).

  • The rate of significant worsening is much lower than that of COVID vaccines and COVID infection/reinfection.

Of the 60 most popular treatments, lion’s mane and ashwaganda are #20 and #24 highest in terms of risk.

===Lion’s mane Popularity stats===
PostVac 20.5% 64/312 patients
LC 19.6% 46/235 patients
MECFS 11.5% 3/26 patients

===Ashwaganda popularity stats===
PostVac 26.9% 84/312 patients
LC 26.0% 61/235 patients
MECFS 19.2% 5/26 patients

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