What treatments helped the most? Some prelim. Patient Experiences Survey data

The Patient Experiences Survey asked the question below:


The most frequently cited treatments were:

  • Fasting (different forms) - 6
  • Ivermectin - 3
  • NAC - 3
    • Note that about half of the people on the survey tried NAC. After adjusting for popularity, it may not be as good as it first appears (e.g. 1% success rate).
  • Exercise - 2
    • Exercise was even more popular than NAC, so interpret with caution. Most people respond negatively to exercise, even if it is light.
  • Nattokinase - 3
  • LDN - 2
  • HBOT - 2
  • Time - 4, no answer/treatment - 5

The treatments were all over the place.

It depends on how you measure/ask

Another way of looking for treatments that worked in the recovered is to look at what those people rated as leading to “significant improvement”. If that method is used, then fasting doesn’t look as good while these other treatments would show a signal:

  • Serrapeptase (with Nattokinase)
  • Statins
  • Stem cells
  • Cat’s claw
  • Colchicine
  • Maybe some other treatments

The data

Long COVID responses

  • 18 day water only fast
  • Antivirals and anti-inflammatory meds
    • This person reported results for Valtrex plus diet, LDN, Zyrtec, other NSAID, an unspecified antibiotic, B vitamins
  • Consistent gentle exercise and supplements.
  • Exercise and time
  • HBOT (above 1.5 ATA), LDN, physical therapy
  • Hope Biosciences stem cells + vision rehab therapy (concussion protocol)
  • Magnesium, black seed oil
  • Rest
  • Somatic Experiencing, somatic touch work, Electrolytes
  • Time X 2
  • Triple anti-coagulant therapy, HELP apheresis
  • [No answer] X 4

Post vax (vaccine injured) responses

  • ASEA redox, ivermectin.
  • Aviv HBoT 3-month protocol. *Aviv likely refers to this chain of clinics.
  • Chlorella *Type of algae that grows in fresh water.
  • Dry fasting 72 hrs
  • Fasting *This person rated 24-48 hour fasting and Multiday juice fasting as mild improvement. Did not try multiday wet/dry fasting.
  • Fasting in combination with a well sourced (local farm) carnivore diet.
  • Getting covid for the first time (year after vaccine doses)
  • Guaifenesin (OTC cough medicine), nattokinase, Resveratrol
  • Drug protocol of Maraviroc, Statin and Plavix
  • Ivermectin
  • Ivermectin, NAC, nattokinase, cardio miracle
  • LDN, methylene blue and chlorine dioxide
  • NAC and Bromelain together
  • Nattokinase and Serrapeptase
  • Nicotine, [Augmented/Quantum] NAC and fasting
  • Paleo/keto diet.
  • Rest, custom liquid herbal tinctures/supplements and low histamine diet.
  • Time and fasting (1 meal a day or eating less)
  • Vitamin b1
  • No treatment (helped the most)

Patient Experiences Survey details

There were 561 valid survey responses. After dropping 22 for very low severity and the rest for not having valid severity/recovery data, 459 had valid severity/recovery data.

They consisted of: Long COVID (192), post vax (245), and ME/CFS (22).

20 post vax were mostly recovered, 16 LC were mostly recovered, and 0 ME/CFS were recovered.

  • 8.16% of post vax were mostly recovered.
  • 8.33% of LC were mostly recovered.
  • The recovery rates may be heavily skewed by how survey recruitment was done. For example, certain support groups are skewed towards very severe people.