Vax Injury Resources

Doctors and support groups for your country

See the start here guide at the top. Local support groups are good for finding your country’s doctors, getting legal information, applying for disability, etc.

Treatment resources

See the rest of the resources page at Sick And Abandoned .com.

Tell your story

Censorship-free Platforms

Self-hosted forum that I run:

Trialsite News group: Covid Vaccine Injury Support Group

Twitter starter pack

Download the app if you’re on mobile. Make an account. Then follow people on either of these two lists: - Small starter pack list - Big list of chronic illness patients

Participate in research

Join studies that are currently recruiting.

Advocacy / Volunteer

See this post for a guide on how to get started with advocacy.

  • Sick And Abandoned advocacy initiatives are listed here. Anybody can join and help raise awareness about what’s happening to us.

Some organizations could also use volunteers:

  • UK CV Fam / Harriet Carroll / Kevin Deans needs somebody to analyze their survey
  • CVIWA (washington state in the US)
  • COVerse (Germany)
  • Other local support groups
  • Real Not Rare .com
  • Can We Talk About It campaign