Sick And Abandoned is growing! (June 26, 2023 update)

Hey everybody, one of the goals with Sick And Abandoned is to provide help and support to those suffering from chronic illness.

Initiative #1: Treatment information

I’ve been writing content on treatments, scientific studies, and recovery stories. I post it onto this forum so that Reddit/Facebook can’t delete or hide the content. I run the server so Big Tech can’t censor us here. The content on this forum has been reaching more and more people, as shown below:

Moving onto survey data… more and more people are seeing the latest data on what treatments are working the best. The ‘what worked’ video recently hit 3,000 views:

Initiative #2: A strong support group network

@Zee, @catparkerphoto and I are building out support groups on Facebook, Discord, and of course this forum.

Cat’s group on Facebook stands at 4.2K members.

My group Canadian Vccn group is at 269 members and growing. View counts below:

r/VaxRecoveryGroup on Reddit is growing nicely.

This forum will have the least amount of censorship as Discord, Facebook and Reddit have been known to de-platform chronic illness patients.

Initiative #3: We need you to help connect the injured to local support groups

@Zee and I maintain the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of international vax injury support groups here: List of support groups, doctors, resources, awareness - Google Drive

However, we do need your help getting that information out there and into the hands of the injured who usually don’t know that it exists. So, link to or the resource page at

For other ways that you can get involved, see the advocacy starter pack.

Thank you!