Should I take monoclonal antibodies during active infection

I have found a place that would give me sotrovimab

My doctors don’t seem to know what to do with me. I don’t know if I should do it. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.


This forum has a breakdown of the paper that you are citing. See this thread:

Scheppke and colleagues are painting an overly optimistic portrait of monoclonals. However, the data suggests that they may be worth trying. As with other treatments that people have been trying, response rates are very low.

If you do get this treatment, get it ASAP as they work better the earlier that you get them.

Survey data

There is limited data on monoclonal antibodies in the survey data. See

However, I probably should have asked how these treatments affect chronic illness symptoms and not acute COVID symptoms. Surveyees may be answering for either context and I don’t know which context they chose.



Doctors, what to do

See the videos that I’ve put up on the Odysee or Youtube channels. There are more videos on Odysee due to YT"s censorship.

The what worked videos give a concise overview on what’s working.

The medicine is full of grifters video / chronic illness taught me video (and the misdiagnosis video) gets into why mainstream medicine is doing a bad job. There are structural issues that get in the way of patient outcomes because politics, social politics, and money are such dominating forces in ‘medicine’. Even if a doctor wants to do the right thing, they risk losing their license.

There are a few safe treatments such as pacing strategies. See the slides or video here: Patient Experiences Protocol (Dec 2022)