Remission of severe forms of long COVID following monoclonal antibody (MCA) infusions - summary of this 'scientific' paper

Scheppke and colleagues have published a paper on 3 patients who experienced ‘complete’ remission after Regeneron monoclonal antibodies (casirivimab/imdevimab).

What we already know about monoclonals against COVID-19 is that a small percentage of patients may experience recovery following treatment. Most do not.
(Data is from the Treatment Outcomes Survey. See slide 11. The 3 case reports may add some weight to the idea that a few people will be really helped by monoclonals.)

However, I don’t see this research as being reliable. The researchers make a highly questionable statement regarding COVID vaccinations:

Either way, vaccinations only reduced symptomatology and did not fully-reverse the illness.

It should be very obvious that some portion of Long COVID patients experience dramatic worsening following vaccination. If you’re a clinician who has treated a large number of patients, then you’re incompetent or a charlatan if you haven’t figured this by 2022 (when their IRB was approved, well after the monoclonals were administered in Oct/Sept 2021).

One of the authors of the paper, Nancy Klimas, was heavily promoting vaccines for ME/CFS patients. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, her recommendation was a very poor one and she should not have done that. She has also promoted cytokine testing for ME/CFS patients when she was publishing such research; in hindsight, her ideas didn’t pan out. The underlying problem is that researchers are heavily incentivized to bend the truth and to pretend like they have the next scientific breakthrough. This results in endless amount of junk science that don’t advance our knowledge of chronic illness.

The paper

Was the remission complete?

Their data shows that only 1 patient (patient 3 in the figure below) experienced complete remission.

I wouldn’t describe the remission as ‘complete’ for patients 1 and 2.


Health Rising’s take

Every now and then my mouth gapes open with I read a paper. While the limitations of this paper must be noted – a small sample set involving three case reports – its conclusion – a very rapid return to health of people with severe long-term COVID – makes one sit up in one’s seat. Time, of course, will tell how this will all turn out