Nigerian paper on urotherapy - urine contains multiple antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The researchers recommend against it

I’m going to keep this short and sweet brief. In Nigeria, parents use human and cow urine to ‘treat’ febrile convulsions and other conditions. :man_shrugging: Researchers cultured the urine to determine what bacteria exists. Of the 9 bacteria types isolated, many of the bacteria were antibiotic resistant. See the table below if you really want to know the details.

Source: Microbial evaluation and public health implications of urine as alternative therapy in clinical pediatric cases: health implication of urine therapy | Pan African Medical Journal

Their conclusion… urine therapy should be discouraged because it has no documented benefit.

It is strongly suggested that alternative therapies should be non-hazardous, and therefore, inappropriate administration of remedies, such as urine therapy in pediatric health conditions should be discouraged, considering the fact that no documented scientific / clinical evidence of the beneficial effect of urine therapy in clinical had been reported, while multiple antibiotic resistant bacterial species had also been recovered from such urine.

Here’s the paper if you want to read it:


Roughly 1% of the people on the current survey have tried it (2/202). It’s not popular so I guess I won’t have great data on this therapy.

Meme value

The main value of urine therapy is probably the memes that come out of it. Here’s a picture of a boy drinking apple juice.

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