In case you missed it - people are recovering from long haul and we have data about what worked

Quick recap:

  1. Antimicrobials (and extended fasting) seem to be the treatments that are helping people recover.
  2. Treatments are double-edged swords- what helps some people will hurt others. Hopefully there will be better testing in the future but right now it doesn’t exist. The best that we can currently do is to start with low dosages and to quit early if symptoms are going the wrong way.

Here’s the video explaining the data:

Here’s a protocol video with important details on safety.

I hope that helps.

The hard part - finding competent medical help

The difficult part will be finding a competent doctor and pharmacist. I… don’t really know of any even though I know many medical professionals through the CCCA and maintain this list of doctors. (There are some really sharp people in the CCCA but they don’t treat patients.)

I just treated myself with prescription drugs even though I am not a competent pharmacist. I learned about inducers, substrates, and pharmacogenetics after the fact.

You might think that you can just go to a medical ‘professional’ and find competent care. OH GOD NO… that is not a safe assumption to make. So many people in the medical freedom movement still haven’t figured out that treatments are double-edged swords. What makes those doctors especially dangerous is that many of them think they know what they’re doing when they really, really don’t.

  • Read about evidence-based medicine and the hierarchy of evidence (e.g. wikipedia). Then ask why my protocol is the only one that recognizes HBOT as a first-line treatment. Evidence-based medicine is not hard. Other people could do it. But… they just don’t. They’re too busy selling supplements, chasing clout, pushing their own pet theory (to chase clout), etc.
  • Ask yourself why the medical freedom movement doesn’t have a problem with Robert Malone standing beside Simone Gold, whose charity bought her a $3.8M mansion to live in. The medical freedom movement is full of bad behaviour and they will not tell you this. Please do not trust the medical freedom movement… your health is so much more important than that.
  • Some medical professionals have treated the vax injured (or bereaved) horribly. It’s not just what Bruce Patterson’s company said on Twitter (about Ria Heslop). I just can’t tell you about all of it right now.

Hopefully there will be a better solution in the future. For now, please please please be very skeptical about the quality of medical care that you receive. The conventional medical system is filled with some really dangerous and incompetent practitioners. Many of those people were outed as bad actors (e.g. license suspended, scientific papers retracted) so they fled to the medical freedom movement. That’s part of the reason why the medical freedom movement is just as problematic as the mainstream system. You’ll be a lot safer if you know this.

DO NOT rely on medical professionals to give you informed consent. YOU need to be responsible for your own informed consent.

But at the end of the day, the good news is that people are recovering from long haul and we have data about what worked. Just be responsible about what you do with that information.