Identical Twin Registry

If you have an identical twin, please fill out the form here:

  • Note: you will need a Google account. This will let you go back in and change your answer. You can also remove your answer and/or contact information.

Anybody can view the entries in the form (minus the contact information). Just go to this link: == COVID Vaccine Injury - Identical Twin Registry == - Google Drive

How this contributes to vax injury research

If there are identical twin pairs where one is injured and one isn’t, then it suggests that there are strong environmental factors that cause vaccine injury. Here is some previous data:

See this thread for a discussion about the role that genetics play in vax injury.

How to do this setup for other chronic illnesses

Here’s an explainer video for anybody who wants to do the same for other chronic illnesses.

I’m ironing out the kinks to this but I think that this setup will work.

Not interested in being a part of any study but ya it fucked us both up the same way on the same schedule. Symptoms diverge over time.

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