Genetics - how much of a role does it play in long haul?

In my opinion, I think that our genetics only play a small role in vax injury.

Identical twins

There is a limited amount of data from slide 76 from the Risk Factors survey:

So far I’ve come across 2 sets of identical twins. One reported that both twins were vaccine injured
while the other respondent said that only 1 twin was vaccine injured. The injured+uninjured pair is really interesting because it shows that genetics are NOT the only thing driving vax injury.

There is a Reddit thread on Long COVID and vax injured twins. We’re seeing the same thing in LC- some twin pairs have one with LC and the other without.

Known environmental factors

The Risk Factors survey also found that breast implants are far more common in the long haul populations (vax injury and Long COVID) than the general female population- 3.9% versus perhaps 0.8% in the general population. Breast implants are usually an elective surgery so it’s not tightly linked to somebody’s genes. So, they’re mostly an environmental factor rather than a genetic factor.

Animal models of autoimmunity

Scientists have manipulated the genetics of lab animals to see the role that TLR (toll like receptors) pathways play. They’ve found that these pathways help animals fight off infection- but they also open the door to autoimmunity developing. Almost everybody has functioning TLR receptors, so we have these pathways (i.e. ‘good’ genes) that open the door to autoimmunity developing. We probably need functioning TLR genes to survive.

MTHFR mutation

About 60-70% of the population has a MTHFR mutation/polymorphism. Data from Survey #1 suggests that the rate is about the same in the vx injured compared to the general population.

Bruce Carleton’s GWAS study

A genome-wide association study (GWAS) will find a lot of individual mutations that play a subtle role in the development of a condition or disease. It will likely give some hints as to the cause of certain vaccine injuries.

I’m looking forward to when his study starts.

Check this page for a list of currently recruiting studies:

Closing thoughts

In a way, this may be good news? Genetic conditions are usually ultra-rare and the pharma industry may not invent a cure/treatment for that condition until there are enough sick people to make it worthwhile.

However, we do know that some people are recovering to a high degree- likely because environmental factors are driving long haul. It seems like the problem is fixable in some people with known treatments.

Both myself and my identical twin have the exact same injuries from the Pfizer vax


I’m sorry to hear that… :cry:

Yeah we have our vaccine 5 days apart. Every son Tom we have has come on 5 days apart and identical. Every blood test and scan identical.

For example we both started with Pericarditis and POTS. Then at 3 months developed SFN. Then at 12 months paralysis and muscular degradation mitochondrial issues. Each new ato ton was 5 days apart from each other and our vaccine was 5 days apart. It’s like it’s genetically pre programmed sequence of destruction.

Thought you’d find this interesting

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