How to raise awareness by contacting bloggers (for those of you who want to do this type of advocacy)

Ok I used to run a blog (about investing) and used to have 4k Twitter followers. I’d get a lot of emails from random people asking me to write about their stuff. Occasionally I would actually follow through with what people asked of me. And I’ve also been on the other side of it where I’m emailing random strangers on the Internet. So here’s how it works…

What bloggers want

You have to constantly come up with ideas for good, catchy blog posts if you want lots of views. People pitching you stuff is usually spammy. BUT, it can be helpful if they give you exactly what you’re looking for.

  • If the blogger does interviews, then they will want good interview subjects.
  • Otherwise, they want content that is something that their audience is interested in.

If a blogger (or independent journalist) has already interviewed a bunch of vax injured, then it won’t be a hard sell to get that person to write about vax injury. The same is true for most of the freedom movement and medical freedom movement. But let’s think about getting our message out there to non-traditional audiences.

I’m going to pick a random example of somebody who is sort of interested in vax injury and sort of not- Chris Masterjohn. (He popped up on my radar via Twitter.)

If you quickly flip through his site, you will see that he has interviewed medical freedom movement: Jessica Rose VAERS queen, Tess Lawrie, Stephanie Seneff, etc. So somehow he’s already into the freedom movement (and I think he spoke at a rally).

Then the next step is to try to figure out what he’s interested in and what he usually writes about. If they are selling stuff, then that tells you a lot about what the blogger is interested in because they have to monetize their work too. He has some kind of book on nutrition for COVID.

This all-new version contains a complete protocol with labwork and strategies based on diet and supplements to resolve long-COVID, with an algorithmic approach that uses symptoms and lab results to select targeted strategies, evaluate their efficacy, and move on to next steps.

So one obvious angle is to try to set him up with vax injury researchers like myself, Joshua Leisk, or the people doing surveys. (I just happen to know that he linked to my survey work so this is a straight-forward angle.)

Natural wellness bloggers, pharma skeptics

So a lot of holistic health and natural wellness people are skeptical about harmaceuticals and are often (but not always) vax skeptical. They might go for angles like:

  • Harmaceuticals bad, vax injury destroyed my life
  • I had to turn to natural holistic healing to get my life back / holistic healing good
  • Natural treatments were better for my healing than the pharma industry

You just have to be a little creative and think of good angles that would connect with this person’s audience.

Example health website: Natural Ways to Support Immunity • Joyous Health

(It turns out that this person is very anti-mandate if you check her Twitter.) So maybe this person would be interested in running a story with a vax injury angle.

How to email people + Form emails suck

If a blogger is popular, they will get a lot of inquiries from people wanting them to talk about their product/service. They will quickly read those emails to filter out what’s useful (e.g. legitimate business email) with spammier stuff from people asking them to do stuff. You have to elevator pitch these people very quickly in your email. Do not waste time, get straight to the point, and communicate clearly. You have to hook them in 20 seconds before they read their next email.

A big part of this is a numbers game. If you email lots of people, you will get a lot of successes. To do that efficiently, your emails will be very cookie cutter. However, try to hide it in the first few sentences of your email with some kind of personalization.

Hi Jane, ← use their first name. You can talk to them like you know them… it’s a little weird but the informal approach makes your email seem like cookie cutter-ey

Your blog post about ___________ (from the post “Essential Supplements for a Healthy Immune System”) got me thinking… ← You provide a specific detail about their blog… as if you’re a reader of their blog. Bloggers don’t really have a problem with their regular readers emailing them; they have to spend time carefully reading their readers’ feedback so that they can get the pulse of their audience and figure out what’s hitting the mark and what isn’t.

And then you just do all your cookie cutter stuff because you have limited time and you need to email a lot of people.

Example cookie cutter email

(non-cookie cutter parts are bolded)

Hi Jane,

Your blog post about lifestyle strategies and supplements (from the post “Essential Supplements for a Healthy Immune System”) got me thinking… natural treatments helping my friend on her healing journey far more than harmaceuticals from her doctor.

My friend Angelia was severely vax injured in June 2021 after her shot of Pfizer. She suffered full body tremors. Her videos on social media went viral and picked up around 340k hits. She was unable to work for 3 months. :sob: Fortunately, she eventually natural treatments like black seed oil. She still isn’t fully recovered but her quality of life has improved dramatically.

I’m wondering if you’d like to share her story on your blog?

Follow up (optional)

A lot of emails will get ignored, but you can bump it with a polite and short reply.

Hi, I sent you an email last week and I’m wondering if you’ve given any thought about doing a story on how my friend healed through natural medicine. Again, I love the work that you’re doing in bringing all this information about alternative healing modalities to the public. Cheers)

Again, this a is a numbers game. This worked on me.


If you fail at first, don’t worry. Just work on your angles and try again.

The key is to connect people with what they’re trying to do. Bloggers do want to put out interesting stories that connect with their audience. And secondly, you have to quickly pitch your idea to content creators as they need to get through their email really quickly.

This kind of marketing works- I’ve been on both sides of it. I’ve given away free advertising and have gotten free advertising. We can do the same thing to get vax injury stories out there.