Advocacy Starter Pack

Simple, easy things you can do to get your feet wet

Social media

The easiest thing that you can do is to interact with content so that the social media algorithms will boost it more. I believe that includes bookmarking Tweets and adding Instagram posts to a collection, which allows you to boost content in private.

Posting your own content on social media can be a great way to reach a lot of people and to make an impact, even if it’s just your personal circle of friends and acquaintances.

Maintain a simple resource

This can be something as simple as what SusieQ is doing with her list of 300+ Twitter accounts to follow. Feel free to maintain a resource on, this forum, Reddit, Facebook, etc. - just put it online somewhere. When you’re happy with it, tag me @glenn_chan on this forum and I’ll try to incorporate it into the resource hub at I’m currently looking for people to maintain lists of vax-injury related content on Youtube, Odysee, Rumble, etc. to help people sift through those platforms to find useful content.

Wear a shirt in public to raise awareness

You could make your own shirt with your own message on it. If you use a Sharpie, you’ll need to rewrite your shirt whenever you wash it.

VSRF sells misinformation superspreader shirts. I don’t know who else sells shirts.


Tell your story

More Ideas

More ideas in the post below. It’s a wiki so people who have posted on this forum can add to it.

Stick little notes in books in the library

Spread awareness about your chronic illness.

Advanced advocacy / more time-consuming activities

Media interviews

Talk to Cat Parker, she may be able to connect you with journalists looking for subjects to interview. Go to her Poplme account, go to the “contact me” section, and use Calendy to setup a (Zoom) meeting with Cat.

Network with other advocates, meet with politicians

See the initiatives page for information on how to join our advocacy chat. This is an easy way to get advice from other people doing the same thing.

Follow @c19vaxInjured on Twitter to learn about meeting with politicians- she will host the occasional advocacy space where she can teach you what to do. These spaces are recorded so here’s a May 21 2023 space on advocacy that you can listen to (at double speed).

Help run support groups

You can run your own support group or help somebody else moderate their group. This is often thankless work that happens in the background- there are often disputes that you will need to mediate. If you would be unhappy if the owner of a group mistreats you, then you may want to limit yourself to moderating groups where you are the owner.

Patient-led research

Some groups who have collected survey data could use help analyzing it. e.g. UKCVFam / Harriet Carroll / Kevin Deans, perhaps Tom Bunker (Long COVID + vax injury research), etc.

Register a 501c3 or non-profit

A lot of companies will give you things for free like web hosting, Microsoft Office, Canva, etc. Google Adwords will provide you with $10K in free advertising. Hopefully we have somebody who will walk you through the ropes of advertising with Google Adwords.

Contact bloggers and/or journalists

Public advertising, billboards

CAERS / YANA is putting advertising on trucks.

Ernest has a trailer.

?VSRF? has paid for billboards promoting Ernest Ramirez’s story. has billboards but I can’t find any pictures of them.

Awareness idea for the other chronic illnesses.

The subreddit actually removed the post but you can always try again.

Reddit link to see previous successes:

Intermediate guide - stay away from the crazy people

Unfortunately, there’s something about the medical freedom movement and chronic illness advocacy that attracts crazy people.

In the chronic illness advocacy space, we’ve seen 2 Long COVID organizations run into issues publicly.

The medical freedom movement has various controversies that are public.

  • AFLDS used $3.8M of donor money to buy a mansion for Simone Gold to live in. See Various figures in the medical freedom movement have worked with Simone Gold after the multiple lawsuits (three soo far) have revealed details about what happened at AFLDS.
  • Robert Malone is in a legal battle with Peter Breggin and others. Public court filings are here. One of the court filing includes a colorful tweet from Paul Alexander talking about Malone not getting the memo about testicles.

The point is not to focus on any particular controversy or crazy event happening in the advocacy or medical freedom movement scenes. Rather, you should be careful about the people in these circles. Most experienced advocates have some horror story of being burned by somebody else in the movement. It usually is unrelated to the examples mentioned previously.