Avindra Nath (NIH) releases new paper on vax injury (April 2023 pre-print)

The paper is here: https://n.neurology.org/content/neurology/early/2023/04/25/WNL.0000000000207337.full.pdf
Neurologic Complications With Vaccines: What We Know, What We Don’t, and What We
Should Do

It’s full of questionable information. IVIG and corticosteroids don’t work anywhere as well as what Nath has claimed in the past. They may have limited usefulness but they are far from being the answer for vaccine injury.

“immunotherapies would be a reasonable treatment option”

The paper states:

In fact, several case reports and case series seem to support this approach.12,23

Reference 12 refers to a paper by Safavi, Nath et al. (DOI:10.1101/2022.05.16.22274439) where they claim that their patients magically recovered following treatment with IVIG or corticosteroids. 3 patients treated by the NIH have gone public to dispute the claims in the Safavi et al. paper- see this Rumble interview.

Reference 23 doesn’t exist. However, it likely refers to reference 24 (DOI:10.1002/mus.27696), which is a case study on co-author SB. If you’re a member of the autoimmune support group, you can see SB’s comments here which mention a relapse. Nath may be unaware that this patient (SB) did not experience lasting benefits following PLEX.

Immunotherapies may turn out to be a mediocre treatment option but they aren’t very good. While people are recovering, I have yet to find somebody who recovered from IVIG or corticosteroids.

Survey data

I do have survey data on the 2 treatments tried by the NIH. Over a hundred people tried corticosteroids. While some of them recovered, none of them rated corticosteroids as leading to significant improvement. 17 people tried IVIG, none of them are (mostly) recovered. It doesn’t look like these treatments really worked for a single person. However, we don’t quite have enough data on IVIG to say that it doesn’t help.

Nath claims that neuro adverse events aren’t picked up by safety monitoring

Part of the reason is that VAERS intentionally removes legitimate VAERS report. Clinical trial participant Olivia Teseniar (Camron) filed a VAERS report. Her public VAERS report was removed from the public database.


The other issue is that vaccine injury isn’t just neurological problems. It is a multi-symptom syndrome where there is a long list of things that are wrong with us. We all seem to draw from a common pool of symptoms with each person getting a unique combination of symptoms. And those symptoms can change over time, with some going away and new ones showing up. (To be fair, Nath is publishing in a neurology journal.)

“an unvaccinated population will remain the biggest threat to all public health measures with grave consequences”

The paper ends with that line…


What we know is that vaccine injury resembles other vaccine injuries (e.g. Gardasil), Long COVID, and ME/CFS. The idea that vaccines cause more good than harm is questionable.

Thanks Janet Woodcock and Peter Marks at the FDA

for “carefully reading the paper and for helpful comments”


A Forbes writer (Bruce Y. Lee) has published a piece on Nath’s pre-print from May 17, 2022. That’s the one where patients have publicly come out to dispute the claims in the paper - see this Rumble interview .

Unfortunately the Forbes story is a little late as it was published on Jul 8, 2023 a year after the pre-print came out.

One of the issues with the Forbes article is that it repeats the pre-print’s claim about vax injury being easy peasy to treat:

Eventually, 12 of these patients received oral corticosteroids treatment with seven experiencing either complete or near-complete improvement of their symptoms over the course of two weeks.


And of course, there is the obligatory propaganda telling everybody to get vaxxed because it’s good for them:

Sure, the potential benefits of the Covid-19 vaccines still appear to way outweigh the risk of “Long Vax” and other possible side effects. After all, you don’t want to say, better long Covid than long Vax. Sure, you don’t want to inadvertently support the unfounded claims of anti-vaxxers looking to cause chaos. But this doesn’t mean that long Vax doesn’t deserve a much longer and much harder look.


It would be great if there was evidence supporting claims that vaccines can prevent or treat Long COVID. There is a researcher mentioned in the article who may be able to shed some light on that topic. Unfortunately, that researcher -Harlan Krumholz- has yet to publish the results of the Yale COVID-19 Recovery Vaccine Study: Measuring Changes in Long Covid Symptoms After Vaccination. The most recent update to the study tacks on another two years onto the projected study completion.

But there’s a silver lining

I guess this author (‘journalist’) is finally ‘allowed’ to publish his article, even if it’s about a year late. We just have to keep pushing the truth out there until they can no longer deny that we are real, not rare.