Anna's recovery story (post vax) - vertigo, panic attacks, lightheadedness, head pressure, neck pain, nausea

Things that helped

Catching COVID

It was about one-year post-vaccine injury when I got COVID. I don’t want to make light of this because I know that many people are dealing with long COVID, but in my case, getting COVID helped with the vaccine injury, and I had a mild case of COVID.

(*Most people get worse following COVID.)

Treatments and supplements

I was only consistent with vitamin C, CBD oil, the multi-frequency homeopathic combination tincture, and antihistamine.

Regarding THC and CBD:

Before the vaccine, I was a regular THC and cannabidiol (CBD) consumer, and I had no THC for about 5 months after I got sick. However, I started taking pure CBD drops daily after the first month to see if it would help with symptoms, and I think it helped with the feelings of anxiety and panic.

When I started vaping THC again, it did wonders for me. I mainly partook in the evenings before bed, increasing my appetite, decreasing my anxiety, and helping me sleep.

Vestibular physiotherapy didn’t cure her balance issues but was helpful.

Main symptoms

  • vertigo
  • anxiety/ panic attacks
  • lightheadedness
  • head pressure
  • neck pain
  • nausea


I couldn’t get out of bed and needed my parent’s assistance to walk to the washroom.

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