Adenovirus vaccines, adverse events specific to them, and genetic predisposition

Observational studies show that the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) lead to more myocarditis than the other COVID vaccines. With the adenovirus vaccines (JnJ, AstraZeneca), we’re seeing a lot of VITT or Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia which we don’t see with other vaccines.

PF4 antibodies

A review paper by Warkentin and Cuker proposes this theory:

An evolving model suggests a two-hit process in which the vaccine stimulates neoantigen formation (first hit) along with a systemic inflammatory response (second hit), which together lead to production of anti-PF4 antibodies

They’re basically saying that the adenovirus vaccines create something that looks a lot like PF4 (which stands for platelet factor 4). The body then sees that “neoantigen”, recognizes it as something that it should fight, and starts forming antibodies that stick to this neoantigen. The problem is that PF4 is something that your body normally makes and is part of the machinery that makes your blood clot. The antibodies against PF4 is what leads to VITT.


Some people have a gene variant called IGLV3-21*02, which occurs most commonly in people of European descent. That gene variant gives somebody the potential to develop highly potent antibodies against PF4, although not everybody will do that when vaccinated with one of the adenovirus vaccines. It seems that most of the people with VITT have this gene variant, so it probably plays a key role in the development of VITT.

If you have VITT, try to enroll in Bruce Carleton’s study whenever it gets funded. You should be able to get this genetic testing done for free.

Easy to understand summary of a study on VITT: Vaccine-induced blood clots may be the result of genetics, study finds

Scientific paper:

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