Try Discord because you'll meet chronic illness patients you wouldn't otherwise meet

Discord is sort of like Facebook messenger chats but on steroids. You can easily find other chronic illness patients to talk to in group discussions or (if you want) 1-on-1 conversations. For example, if you find somebody with an obscure symptom that is the same as yours, you can talk to them directly to find out what they know. Discord has a search feature so that you can look up specific symptoms and issues such as visual snow, Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD), gadolinium risks, etc.

Discord is also great for talking to people from other chronic illness communities such as Long COVID and ME/CFS. Whereas Facebook and Reddit tend to be siloed into specific chronic illnesses, Discord servers tend to be more of a melting pot.

ChatGPT, an AI chat bot

Some Discord servers have an integration where you can talk to an AI chatbot and ask questions.

For example, you can ask “Hyperthyroidism feeling cold symptom”:

Please note that some of the answers may be horribly incorrect. So don’t rely on it for anything serious.

You can use ChatGPT without Discord - just go to the website.

Some Discord servers to get started

Click on any of the links below, install the app, and start reading what people are saying online.

Long hauler server for Long COVID and post-vax - Long Haulers All Welcome

Joshua Leisk’s Discord server - (Leisk is a recovered ME/CFS patient who works on his protocol so that others like him may recover.)

I hope this helps!


hi! the discord invite doesn’t work anymore, could you please update it?

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Here’s an invite link that will expire in a week, on July 15 2023.

I will look into this situation more and figure out why there is no permanent link.

EDIT: I think the following permalink will work: Long Haulers All Welcome