Treatments for brain fog, memory problems, or cognitive difficulties

A lot of people want to know if there are treatments that target their specific symptoms. For the most part, the targeted treatment approach doesn’t seem to work. This may be due to multiple underlying causes. For example, we know that meningitis has multiple causes such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, etc. There is no uber-treatment that effectively treats all of the possible underlying causes. If the doctors can find a bacteria that is causing the meningitis, they will use antibiotics that are effective against that particular bacteria species. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for meningitis.

For long haul syndromes, we usually don’t know what is causing brain fog, memory issues, cognitive difficulties, etc. So it’s very possible that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for it.

Survey data suggests that there may be 4 treatments that work better in people with very severe ‘brain fog’ and ‘brain fog’-like issues. They are ivermectin, Pepcid (famotidine), fluvoxamine, and acupuncture. Note that the data may be erroneous and fluvoxamine has serious risks.

Data from this Nov 2022 video on survey results. See the video description → link to slides (PDF) → slide 33

Also note that these may not necessarily be the top treatments in people with severe brain fog. There are other treatments that are still rated higher (though the average score isn’t a great reflection of how effective a treatment is).

With those caveats aside, let’s look at some treatments.


Ivermectin is one of the top treatments for helping people achieve very high levels of recovery. So it may be worth trying simply because it’s showing one of the strongest signals for efficacy- regardless of how much brain fog you have.

Data here:

Pepcid (famotidine)

This drug is fairly popular (~28% tried it) and it probably does not help people recover. 0.9% of people who tried it are currently mostly recovered AND rated the drug highly. However, it may offer quick relief of some symptoms. So that’s a reason to try it.

Safety-wise, it’s very safe in healthy people which is why it is sold over the counter in most countries. However, please read the safety labelling. In chronic illness patients, it is riskier. Out of the 54 most popular treatments, it is the 20th riskiest (based on risk score). So it’s riskier than average. See this post for information on how to pull safety-related data from the Treatment Outcomes Survey data dump.

:warning: Fluvoxamine / Luvox :warning:

SSRIs have some scary permanent side effects in ‘normal’ patients. (‘Normal’ as in people who have some condition where SSRIs might be useful. ‘Normal’ as in they don’t have ME/CFS, Long COVID, or post vac.) Very debilitating side effects of SSRIs include:

  • Suicide
  • Possibly linked to the Columbine high school shooting and other school shootings. Some people develop mania while taking SSRIs. David Carmichael murdered his son while on Paxil.
  • Severe withdrawal. Please do not stop these drugs suddenly.
  • Inability to slowly taper and stay off the drug
  • PSSD / Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (there are support groups dedicated to this)

Chronic illness patients react badly to SSRIs at high rates. SSRIs, psych drugs, antibiotics, and exercise battle it out for last place.

This drug might be somewhat useful in patients with very severe brain fog (???). Very severe = the worst suffering imaginable or 3/4ths of the way there. However, there are some serious safety issues to take into account.


Out of the 54 most popular treatments, this is the 11th riskiest (!!!) based on risk score.

1.6% of people who tried this are mostly recovered AND they rate the treatment highly. Maybe it helps some people recover, maybe it doesn’t. Ivermectin is at 4.3%.

It may be worth trying but it’s a double edged sword. I don’t think people experience permanent worsening from this but I haven’t looked too deeply into the anecdotes.

What is brain fog anyways?

The survey data can be unreliable because people have very different ideas about what brain fog is. Some people will define it very differently than you do. So, the use of this phrase on surveys can be problematic and it can cause data to be unreliable.

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked about ‘brain fog’ on the survey because there will be people who interpret the phrase in weird ways. However, I tried to cover the common interpretations of the phrase so hopefully the survey question asks about a family of symptoms.

The bottom line

There aren’t really great treatments for brain fog. You may want to try ivermectin regardless of how much brain fog you have.

So I have been battling my own issues from refrigerant poisoning and the resulting 7 some months of very high blood pressure. Talking 180/120 at resting, and 200/160 when experiencing the “transitory” irregular heart rhythm. Mainly happened at night, whether I was sleeping or working a night shift after quitting the freon disposal job. Without help, and access to diagnostic equipment. I can only guess what happened to me.

I know I ended up with an acute kidney injury, floaters, heart damage and ended up with very low phosphorous from it. (was .37 mmol/l when it was checked after getting omicron). But its hard for me to tell if covid was soley responsible for the kidney injury or it was a combination of everything.

Even if the kidney injury was soley from covid, and I do not think it was, those 7 months in 2018 I was denied beta blockers was something akin to torture. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. But im ranting.

When I got omicron last year and I knew something was happening to my kidneys. I asked for a urine test and was randomly blood tested for phosphorous, which I guess is standard for a kidney function test, but seems alot of doctors dont care about it. I got lucky. The doctor just kept blaming everything on my weight and when I said I was done and have a good day, I look down on the way out and notice my phosphorous is .37 mmol/l. That has nothing to do with weight.

I figured it was just the refrigerant injury, causing a kidney injury, causing me to waste excess phosphorous. Im a big guy, 6 foot 3, 8+ inch wrists. I dont have genetic problems. Unless its something that happened later in life.

Walk in doctors dont want to give me a phosphorous in urine test, let alone a mri of my kidney to get a clue exactly what is happenin in there. I did get my parathyroid test done about 6 months ago. Got a call about 2 hours after the blood draw asking to come in and when I did the next day, they had no doctor. Asked the girl if I could get my results she says no but tells me they have had no urgent results in months. So i havent been back yet. I feel pretty bad lately so I guess I gotta go.

Canadian healthcare is pathetic. Anyway, maybe I didnt need this huge setup, but im going through all this crap and I feel I can share with others who are going through similar horse manure.

When I did the initial investigation (oh dr google, I know doctors hate dr google, hate hate it.) into covid and phosphorous. There was no link. Except that people with lower phosphorous had higher mortality rates associated with it, but this is true of all infections actually. Phosphorous deficiency is rare, its added to pretty much all processed food. Its used in nearly all cellular activity including immune system response.

Anyway, googled it a few weeks ago and lo and behold. How many people were killed with the standard covid treatment. That is putting them on a ventilator for the breathing issues and then giving them something like remsidivir or molnuprir which destroys your kidney if you have poor kidney function.

All these nurses and doctors with bloods on their hands, glad it wasnt me…

So, im no Doctor, WCB and the CPSNS have made me well aware of that, with CPS even mocking me one time. But yet they refuse to acknowledge what happened, both claiming the doctor gave me satisfactory care(well technically WCB said they dont handle medical negligence, lmao), didnt swap blood pressure readings, or lie about a medication I was never given as a excuse for why he denied me beta blockers. Criminals, all of them.

But if I understand this right, when someone comes in, instead of getting their deficiencies up (including magnesium and something else if I recall right) to improve their muscle weakness, they are instead given a ventilator which weakens the diaphragm even more, and then given something like remsidivir that destroys their kidney completely since its not functioning correctly from the mineral deficiencies.

The article even admits that the vents prolly “produced poor outcomes”.

The effect of hypophosphatemia on energy metabolism in respiratory muscles might induce early respiratory failure, ultimately leading to intubation and further poor outcomes in intubated patients [14]. The direct impact of hypophosphatemia on lung tissue includes early cell apoptosis due to severe ATP depletion and possibly reduced surfactant secretion leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

This is exactly what happened to me. When I went into the walkin about my phosphorous since I ditched that GP who was trying to blame it on my weight. It was .37… .37!!! and they go “yea its unusual, but youll be fine”.

Ive drank 2 liters of soda everyday (yes I know how bad it is for me, but I have alpha gal, drinking milk is destroying my liver), Ive taken so many supplements, they arent meant long term. I take one now and I have cotton mouth for a week, kept waking up in the middle of the night mouth dry as the sahara, thought I had diabetes, got my ac1 tested, I did not, not even pre diabetic. I intermittent fast on a daily basis, but have been scared to fast more than 24 hours because of the phosphorous deficiency. Im proably safe now.

After a year of that I finally got it to the minimum of .74.

Doctors say its normal, dont want to do anything to help me. Useless wankers. They didnt know what they were talking about with the refrigerant either, or even worse, they did and they were just lying because they didnt want to do the paperwork.

For all you vaccine injured people out there, I know you dont hear this enough. But im sorry for what happened to you. Like I said I wasnt risking it after being cardiac sensitized with refrigerant. If god wants to take me out with covid, thats his choice.

Ill be damned if I am injured by the direct hand of man again.

I would have trouble drinking 1 liter of soda every day haha.