The Wellness Company launches in Canada- but watch out for the conflicts of interest

What is TWC?

TWC is a startup founded by Foster Coulson, who comes from a wealthy family (his family owns a fleet of expensive commercial aircraft among other assets). Note that I don’t have a problem with people starting up a lot of companies, being wealthy, or being born into wealth. One idea behind TWC is to get big names in the medical freedom movement to build a brand for TWC so that the company can sell supplements.

Conflicts of interest in medicine

In the United States, kidney doctors (nephrologists) are allowed to own dialysis clinics and to profit from their patients going to their dialysis clinic. This has led to a situation where the United States has a much higher rate of in-clinic dialysis than Canada. The doctors steer their patients towards that particular type of dialysis because they get to make more money that way.

A similar situation happens with audiologists, who are allowed to sell hearing aids to their patients.

With TWC, you can see where this is headed. The doctors are getting paid by TWC. These same doctors are promoting products being made by TWC such as the “Spike Support Formula”.

Informed consumers

I want to see patients become more informed about how medicine works so that they are better protected from questionable practices. It will be hard for governments to regulate away the conflicts of interest. However, patients can learn how to spot bad medicine. I’ve previously written about how bad doctors will blame bad outcomes on the body “detoxing” or the patient having a “Herx” reaction that they aren’t actually having.

The data on what works

What we do know is that the known treatments that deal with the root cause are double-edged swords. So if you take black seed oil, there’s a small chance that it will make you worse rather than better. But a lot of people won’t tell you this because it’s not in their interest to recognize harm being inflicted on patients.

Patients also seem to need high doses to recover- not the minimal amounts that may be found in a supplement.

So my hunch is that the “Spike Support Formula” will underperform because of low dosages and exposing you to multiple things that can hurt you. Once more people try it, we’ll get a better idea.

Data here: What worked for 27 people who recovered - Feb 2023


Paul Alexander: The Wellness Company (TWC) USA has spearheaded implementation of TWC Canada, to address the health gaps and work within confines of Canada's system; Launch is today, Mother's Day & I ask you to

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Peter McCullough :us: is a part owner of The Wellness Company according to the disclosures in this paper.