The state of the vax injured community (Oct 2023)

Healing vaccine injury

I need to shout this from the rooftops more but some people like myself did recover. There is survey data where they tell you how they did it. See these two videos:

We don’t need get to get scammed by grifters and doctors peddling miracle cures that turn out to be bogus. There is real evidence and data to guide our treatment.

Bullying, suppression of vax injury research

Unfortunately, I’ve seen many vax injured people bully others within the community. Some of it was related to multi-level marketing (MLM) nonsense where the MLM sellers ganged up on individuals who said negative things about what they were doing or the product itself. There were also many other instances of bullying that had nothing to do with MLM. Some of it happened in public.

I’ve posted one of the legal threats that I received that sought to suppress research into vaccine injury. It’s screwed up that people will go out of their way to hurt the injured. But, I will lead by example. I can assure you that the injured will NOT be silenced. Bad actors can engage in bullying or censorship but I will be one of the people working towards building a resilient network of support groups:

We can spread out ownership/control over multiple people so that we don’t have a situation where one person can ban multiple vax injured advocates out of the biggest support groups. (Yes that happened and I posted evidence online.)

The unfortunate reality is that there are a lot of toxic people in the advocacy scene. There are a lot of injured people who will throw other injured people under the bus. We can’t really change those people. But we can treat each other with kindness and we can build a better vax injured community. You can help out by joining the support groups listed above. This forum is one that can’t be censored by Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter.

Everything will work out in the end

Look at what happened to me. I couldn’t walk for more than 5 minutes without getting wiped out. I lost my ability to do computer programming. I didn’t get access to proper healthcare because Canada persecutes doctors for treating vax injury. But I became my own doctor and now I’ve gotten my life back. Obstacles exist so that you can overcome them.

The toxicity is something that we can overcome too. Building up a community where people look out for each other is not that hard. The support groups continue to grow nicely as Cat Parker’s group is at 4,373 members while r/VaxRecoveryGroup is at 428. We will get there.