Tess Lawrie, Paul Marik, Plothe, and Halma have a paper on treating spike protein-related pathology

The paper suggests a number of treatments. Survey data exists for most of those treatments so we can rely on that data instead of a top-down theory about what ‘ought’ to work.

One of the drugs that ought to work is corticosteroids. They scare me- many people handle them fine but some people have horrible experiences with them; they also don’t seem to help people recover despite over a hundred people trying them.

There’s also the phenomenon where the best treatments (that help people recover) are double-edged swords. The paper doesn’t address that.

Suggested treatments

The images below list drugs and supplements that the authors believe should work.

There is no survey data available for these drugs:

  • Metformin
  • Glutathione
  • A long list of supplements

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