Social media profile picture campaign

The idea is simple: let’s use our social media profile pictures to raise awareness about the sick and abandoned. Whether it’s from Long COVID or SSRIs, I want to see chronic illness patients band together to raise awareness about what’s happening. Our illnesses are real and we deserve access to healthcare (not gaslighting).

There are two options, one easy and one fancy.

easy option image

Easy option: Scroll to the end of this post. Download a pre-made image and use that as your profile picture.

Fancy option (requires a smidge of computer skills): Use the Google Slides template below. Put your image into the template and the template will help you add text and graphics into your image.

That’s it!

Fancy method

Get a Google account, go to the template below, make a copy of it, and away you go…!

Simple method - use a pre-made photo

Click/tap on one of the images below. Save it and use it as your profile photo.

Long COVID, vaccine injury, ME/CFS
awareness-longcovid awareness-vax-injury awareness-mecfs

PSSD, PFS, pysch drug withdrawal
awareness-pssd awareness-pfs awareness-psych-drug-withdrawal

Visual snow syndrome

Breast implant illness (BII), iatrogenic botulism / botox / dysport
awareness-bii awarenss-botox

Adhesions, gadolinium, Gulf War Illness
awareness-adhesions awareness-gadolinium awareness-gwi

Chronic Lyme, dysautonomia, PANS / PANDAS
awareness-lyme awareness-dysautonomia awareness-pandas