Science Magazine publishes another article on vax injury - a big step towards recognizing SFN, POTS, etc. as vax side effects

Key points:

  • They mentioned Small Fiber Neuropathy, POTS, and “Long COVID-like illness” as side effects of the vaccine. The US letter agencies aren’t recognizing them as side effects right now. The Science article mentions that Germany recognizes Long-COVID like illness (“post vac” syndrome) as a side effect of the vaccine. Hopefully we can get the medical world to recognize what’s happening.
  • Publication bias in the scientific literature. The Science mag article has a follow-up to a published case study. Schelke provides the following update: the patient in the case study “recently returned with worsening symptoms”. This is one way that the scientific literature can be unreliable because there is more interest in publishing sexy results than realistic results. This is one reason why “everything works”.