Reddit censorship on Long COVID subreddits is a problem for patients

I’ve had posts censored on both r/LongCovid and r/covidlonghaulers so it’s interesting to see the r/covidlonghaulers have a heavily upvoted thread criticizing the other sub’s censorship. Their first criticism is that the mods are self-promotional. Secondly, Laney Bond (Covid Care Group) and perhaps other r/LongCovid mods are promoting The Wellness Company supplements. That apparently isn’t cool because TWC is associated with “right wing anti vaccination groups”.

At the end of the day, both subs have censored plenty of posts. Their rules sidebars telegraph what they will take down:

  • “Misinformation” and conspiracies, which includes right wing content because apparently right wingers are all racist white supremacist anti-vaxxers. Even Donald Trump, who funded Operation Warp Speed and promotes the booster.


  • Ivermectin, HCQ, etc.

  • Criticism of medical professionals, even in cases where they should be criticized.

I strongly believe that we should be allowed to have open discussions on these topics- both for AND against. That’s how we get to the truth so that people don’t have to suffer from LC, MECFS, post vax, etc.

It’s a good thing that r/covidLongHaulers is raising the issue of censorship. It’s a real problem that affects patients. So, I’m trying to build a censorship-free community at r/VaxRecoveryGroup as well as As Reddit censors IVM/HCQ discussion, the Sick and Abandoned forum is a better platform in the long run. If you can, please help me grow both communities.

I’m one of the few people who spoke out about the Prife iTeraCare wand and how the MLM sellers used censorship to suppress negative information about the wand. I believe that my track record on combatting censorship speaks for itself.