Reddit banned me for talking about the JBP court case against his licensing college

I got banned on Reddit for talking about the Jordan Peterson court case regarding his license. If corrupt people have the power to decide that deadnaming is hate, then colleges like the CPSO have the power to deny healthcare to the vax injured.

The court decision can be found on and Peterson’s website. So what the hell did he really do? Here are the quotes from the court’s decision:

  • referring to Elliot Page as “her” and by their former name […]
  • referring to the physician who performed Elliot Page’s surgery as a “‘criminal’ appears to be inflammatory and unprofessional.”
  • calling Catherine McKenney an ‘appalling self-righteous moralizing thing’
  • negative comment on the appearance of a woman on the cover of Sports Illustrated [The model on the cover was plus-sized.]
  • calling Gerald Butts a “prik.”

This court actually had a problem with Peterson not finding a plus-sized model to be attractive. :roll_eyes:

The CPSO (licenses Ontario doctors) celebrated the JBP decision because the court allowed the CPO (licenses psychologists) to weaponize their powers for political purposes. See the CPSO’s Statement on Jordan Peterson v. College of Psychologists of Ontario. The CPSO has persecuted doctors for reporting too many vax injuries (e.g. Patrick Phillips), for treating vax injuries, for prescribing ivermectin, for being part of CC Telehealth, etc.

I guess my Reddit account will be back in 3 days.

This op ed points out that Peterson has a history with one of the 3 judges who ruled against him.

While Nancy Backhouse, the second of three judges deciding the Peterson case, was also a past bencher of the LSO and a strong proponent of EDI, albeit with little connection to Peterson, both her and Schabas expressed views antithetical to those of Jordan Peterson, especially on EDI.

The same article is available at in case you hit a paywall.