Recovery story from u/MoreThereThanHere, injured by 5th Moderna and later Long COVID

Reddit user MoreThereThanHere says that he is 100% recovered based on symptoms going away (see picture below) and test results normalizing.

Summary of treatment approach:

  1. Verify Spike Gone
  2. AGGRESSIVELY calm & rebalance immune system
  3. test & treat for viral reactions (EBC in my case)
  4. treat ALL confirmed or even suspect downstream issues (vitamin/hormonal deficiences, micro clotting, blood brain barrier integrity, GI biome & “leaky gut”/GI permeability, brain hypometabolism, mitochondria dysfunction, endotheliatis, glial cell/nerve inflammation/damage
  5. directly manage symptoms experience (e.g. insomnia, blood pressure, heart palpitations, headaches, nerve pain, etc)

Before chronic illness, this Reddit user was taking 30ish supplements every day. Treatment ultimately resembled a ‘kitchen sink’-like approach:

  • Prescription drugs (Ambien Clonidine Labetalol), a statin
  • unusual drugs such as Cialis (tadalafil) which is normally used for ED in women
  • anticoag (Apixaban, lumbro, serrapeptase, aspirin)
  • Supplements, including many obscure ones such as Vinpocetine, Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin
  • Probiotics
  • Exercise: “progressive, graduated exercise program”
  • antiviral: Vemlidy (tenofovir TAF), formerly on Descovy

Theories involved include:

  • Antiviral / EBV reactivation
  • Micro clotting
  • Mainstream medicine / treatment particular symptoms
  • The Patterson theory regarding statins helping recovery.

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