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  • Nerve root compression at C6/C7 solved with physiotherapy.
  • What I did that could have helped: Months 5-7 I did not consume any sugar. […] I stopped caffeine (for those heart issues) entirely and had ginger tea everyday from month 3 onward till month 10. I meditated in the morning everyday months 5-10 and tried to think of things I was grateful for. I talked to several reddit people who had similar symptoms - this was for my sanity.
    And lastly: I watched something that made me laugh every single day.

  • 942 days later
    Catalyst for recovery: HBOT, a mixture of supplements (more on this shortly), diets (mainly keto and antihistamine), and being more active, gently. All with crashes and relapses in between. 1 walk round the local park often lead to a two week crash in bed. But the crashes became fewer and further between.
    What worked: Niacin, KURK Curcumin, Antihistamines H1 + H2, Diet (NO sugar, NO alcohol, NO caffeine, NO histamines), baby - wonderful son was born, Mindstate

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this is amazing news ! i pray for us all to recover .

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