PSSD and vax injury awareness idea: join #MedSafetyWeek Nov 6-12 2023

For Med Safety Week, we can hijack the hashtag to raise awareness about med side effects and the terrible care that patients receive. The UK safety commissioner (@PSCommissioner) did keep tabs on the patient-led #MedSafetyWeek campaign (she followed me on Twitter) so they are listening. In the end, mainstream medicine will take care of patients who suffer debilitating side effects following medications gone wrong. We just have to be persistent in advocating for better healthcare.

Just post an image like the following on Twitter with the hashtag #MedSafetyWeek.

image image

You can also interact with tweets that you like so that more people see them. Click like, bookmark, retweet/repost, share, etc.

What #MedSafetyWeak 2022 looked like

Video here:

To search tweets tagged with #MedSafetyWeek (or #MedSafetyWEAK), use the Twitter search function:

Google slides template (for those of you on a desktop)

You can easily customize your message.

Go to the google slides template here:
Make a copy of the Slides so that you can edit it. Then put in any message that you like.

You can change the background color to the teal PSSD Network color. Right click → Apply layout → choose the teal background

Schedule Tweets on the desktop version of Twitter

You can write your Tweet right now so that there’s something on Nov 6. Click on the calendar clock icon to schedule tweets.


Remember: Med Safety Week is from Nov 6-12 2023

Let’s have some fun and raise some awareness!