Please submit your comments to stop the approval for additional boosters with an unproven, unsafe vaccine

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Please submit your comments to stop the approval for additional boosters with an unproven, unsafe vaccine.

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Hi, after taking my 2nd shot of Pfizer, I developed a long list of symptoms- some of which were quite debilitating. I was unable to walk for 5 minutes without becoming so exhausted that I would have to go sleep for a few hours in the middle of the day. I could not concentrate like I was able to. I could walk, I could have a conversation, but I could not do both at the same time. I was unable to do computer programming like I was in the past. (Fortunately I am recovered from those symptoms.) After joining online support groups and conducting patient-led research, it seems that thousands of others have developed multi-symptom syndromes following vaccination. This also seems to have been a problem before COVID, as patients were developing multi-symptom syndromes from the HPV vaccine. See Brinth et al.

There is also a troubling rate of small fiber neuropathy among those injured by COVID vaccines. Patient-led survey data suggests that the prevalence of new-onset small fiber neuropathy in the vaccine injured is at least 77 times the rate of (existing) SFN in the general population.
See Chan Risk Factors Survey – Sick and Abandoned
Avindra Nath and his colleagues at the NIH studied a cohort of vax injured patients with neuropathic symptoms. They reported that 12/23 had objective evidence of SFN. See Safavi et al.

I currently organize a grassroots patient advocacy organization (Sick And Abandoned) that represents those harmed by the COVID vaccines. Those injured were not informed of side effects such as the multi-symptom Long COVID-like (PASC-like) syndrome that is prevalent in the vaccine injured community. While there are troubling safety signals regarding the COVID vaccines causing SFN and multi-symptom PASC-like syndromes, it seems that the public still does not receive informed consent regarding side effects that are prevalent in our injured community.

I note that VAERS reports are being removed from the public database. For example, Olivia Teseniar was a participant in the Moderna clinical trials. indicates that her report was removed from the VAERS public database.

Before you roll out another iteration of experimental mRNA-based gene therapy products, please consider the serious deficiencies in the current safety regime. Safety signals are being ignored and VAERS reports are being deleted. The side effects can be incredibly debilitating, causing some to take their lives, become unemployed, etc. We are not receiving proper medical care being doctors aren’t being alerted to multi-symptom syndromes and SFN as side effects of COVID vaccines. Please take this into consideration before more products are marketed without reliable clinical trials, safety surveillance, and informed healthcare practitioners. Thank you.