Persecuted doctor Crystal Luchkiw starts her next chapter

Luchkiw’s May 18 substack talks about what she’s doing now that the CPSO is in the process of permanently taking away her ability to practice conventional mainstream medicine. Pretty sure she’ll treat vax injury. She’s in Barrie, Ontario, Canada 1-2 hours North of Toronto.

Unfortunately I don’t know too much about these modalities, although red light therapy (near infrared photobiomodulation) and infrared sauna don’t really work for vax injury. Search for “red light therapy” and “infrared sauna” in the survey data dump here. That’s mostly because most treatments (probably) don’t work.

From Luchkiw’s replies to my tweet:

Root cause self determined health and healing is the direction and philosophy. A bridge for natural order and basic building blocks of life to emancipate modern living burnout. While some are focused on destructive interference, I’m paving a new path. Thank you for your support!

Oh, and there are no “patients”. Only Members of the community. When we change our lens from one of labels and sickness to solutions driven, there’s great value in just this process and shift in perspective.