People who recovered from Breast Implant Illness (BII) + limited data on explantation in long haulers

The current scientific consensus is that fungi and bacteria can grow on replacement joints in the body. However, for political reasons, many are hesitant to make the same argument about breast implants. While a FDA webpage highlights higher rates of autoimmune disease in breast implant users, the same webpage states that Breast Implant Illness “is not recognized as a formal medical diagnosis”.

Most but not all breast implant users report an improvement in their symptoms following explantation. You can find data at the Sick And Abandoned page on BII.

Among those with Long COVID or post-vax, 2 out of 3 have reported positive outcomes. Search for ‘breast implants’ in the Risk Factors slide deck.

Here are some stories from people (no vax injury) with good outcomes.

Karissa Pukas, popular Youtuber

Her symptoms

Her Youtube video

Danica Patrick, former NASCAR driver

You may remember her from GoDaddy ads on TV.

Her Youtube video

Shawna Pringle

From a NBC12 article: ‘I wanted to feel more feminine’: Woman warns of breast implant illnesses

Breast implants and foreign objects in the body are a risk factor for long haul

Of the biological females in the survey who answered the question about foreign objects, 3.9% (10/256) reported breast implants before Long Haul.

Cook et al. estimate breast implant prevalence at 0.8% for American women (DOI:10.1007/978-3-642-85226-8_45), which is well below the 3.9% in this survey.

You could consider removing breast implants, Essure, surgical mesh, catheters, ports, etc. as potential experimental treatments for long haul.

Unfortunately some objects in the body such as surgical mesh are difficult or risky to remove.