Paul Bennett (Thrombosis UK) and his research colleagues are raising awareness about a vax injury called VITT

A UK research group (Paul Bennett, Filiz Celik, Jenna Winstanley, Beverley J Hunt, Sue Pavord) have published a paper on vaccine-induced thrombosis and thrombocytopenia. Some highlights:

  • :rage: One doctor practiced atrocious medicine: “One GP, for example, whom the participant has subsequently changed, attributed their fatigue and headaches to depression and long COVID despite having letters from the hospital reporting a diagnosis of VITT and never having been found positive for COVID-19 infection.”
  • :+1: Mentions that the co-morbidities are quite debilitating and need more recognition: “Symptoms such as poor concentration and fatigue did not easily fit into the benefit system”
  • :thinking: While VITT is a vaccine injury that doctors are ‘allowed’ to talk about, “Thematic analysis identified challenges of obtaining medical care and diagnosis”

The paper

Living with vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis: a qualitative study

Thrombosis UK

Paul Bennett is listed on the Thrombosis UK website as a staff member. The charity clearly did help him recruit for his study.

The charity had a page on VITT from July 2021 or before, months after the rollout of the vaccines. The original and current webpage describes VITT as “extremely rare”. I’ll give them a pass on that because we didn’t know much about vax safety at the beginning of the pandemic.

Other vaccines also cause VITT?!?!

The Twitter user Emily Johnson pointed out that there are reports of VITT being caused by other vaccines.

The paper listed above notes that VITT had so far only been observed from (adenovirus) COVID vaccines. The authors report on a case of VITT following HPV vaccination. So we may discover that VITT isn’t something unique to the adenovirus COVID vaccines.