Ongoing Anxiety

Since your injury, do any of you experience ongoing psychological distress or anxiety? I feel like I haven’t been the same since mine with recurring health anxiety and lots of new fear about the future.


Yeah it makes sense to have anxiety about what the future holds. (I didn’t experience too much of it myself but I do know that there are a lot of people who report it.)

Don’t freak out if your symptoms ‘rotate’ as old ones go away and new ones how up. That is something that happened to me… it’s like a TV series where the cast of villains rotate every season. For some reason that happens and it’s part of the condition.

Sorry I don’t have too much useful advice here. Sending you hugs though :people_hugging:

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I am going through this too. I have had some success with deep breathing exercises and some guided meditations. I tried box breathing, which is basically inhale for 3 secs, hold for 3 secs, exhale for 3 secs, hold for 3 secs. I found it helped when I could feel my anxiety taking off.

Guided meditations helped. I found with out someone doing the talking my mind would wonder to dark places, but with someone doing the talking, it did help.

It’s ok to be scared. We are going through something that holds a lot of unknowns. Having some quick deep breathing techniques for when you feel the fear starting to take over can help.

There is no doubt that there are mental health injuries that have accompanied the physical ones.

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