Nutritional deficiencies

I got sick 15 months after my first vaccine. My left side was numb and messed up which made me piece it together.

I was in a pretty bad shape. Too much to even say by this point honestly.

But I noticed for some reason vitamins helped, then I got minerals and that helped me feeling “cold” and tense, and now I’m doing amino acids.

Thought this might be of interest:

in terms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, it’s the general chronic fatigue stuff: Dietary Recommendations for Post-COVID-19 Syndrome - PMC (this paper made me realize to look into more amino acids)

it’s actually pretty difficult to find good nutritional information on amino acids, but they’re very important

notably, I seemed to have sepsis even though I don’t have covid, and when I did have covid I kicked it easily. seems like “BCAA” amino acids kick you out of sepsis, and are the amino acid group most likely to be found low in covid patients especially the more severe they are (along with cysteine, which you need for making a bunch of important things in your body like taurine, the lack of which is probably the cause of all that myocarditis because it’s necessary for rebuilding heart muscles after stress)

I was taking cysteine for a couple weeks and my brain was improving due to it, I have been upping dosage of BCAA for 3 days and yesterday I felt amazing… like I had endurance during the exercises I’ve been doing daily (light pilates, yoga… I had hypertension issues and even some of my toes were turning purple…)

this morning I woke up and i feel so much stronger. For months now I’ve been scared to sleep on my left side, because it hurts and feels weak and I don’t want to die of a heart attack in my sleep, but this morning I slept on my left side without issue…

thought I’d share. Good luck

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Hey, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story!