Monoclonal Antibodies Treatment

Hi, im happy to have come across this site. What i wanted to mention and what I never hear about anywhere is, monoclonal antibodies treatment. I hear about vaccine injured but never this. I believe this is how I ended up in such trouble. I got Covid in August of 21. I was feeling pretty weak. My Father said “you need to go get this its helping people” against my better judgement and much fight i went and got it unfortunately. I was injected 4 times with some unknown substance. Weeks later i progressively started getting worse. The shortness of breath came, dizziness, weak, feeling like I was on a boat, bradycardia, feeling of wanting to pass out, heat intolerance, cold intolerance, neuropathy, livedo reticularis, veins appearing througout my body, pain, phlegm, severe congestion when bending over or laying on my stomach, twitching, etc. The list goes on. I believe this was the culprit to why I today feel the way I do. Why I feel hopeless like the rest of my fellow long haulers. I just want to bring this to attention. I know this treatment came as fast as it went…probably for good purpose…for reasons like myself. So it may be why its not talked about or why many didn’t take it. I just want others to be aware that this too is reason besides just covid or just the vaccine. If anyone else has received it, I’d love to hear from you and your story.

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Hmmm. There was a time when people with Long COVID and people with vaccine injury were very interested in this intervention as a treatment for their chronic illness. So there’s data on it:

Do you know if you have Long COVID or if the COVID monoclonals made you worse?