Mark Zuckerberg privately told Facebook execs to be cautious about mRNA vaccines because "we just don't know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people's DNA and RNA."

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And then Facebook shut down vax injury support groups…!

I lost my Facebook account because I didn’t want to sign up for Facebook Protect. Apparently I had a high-profile account because I moderated a private vax injured support group. :roll_eyes:

This is a huge reason why I want to push this censorship-free platform. If we run our own servers, Big Tech can’t censor us. Thanks for posting the Zuckerberg clip.

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I think you could go one step further and make a censorship resistant version of Reddit rather than specifically catering for vaccine injured people, as it’s incredibly niche. However, I think the main challenge will be human verification, as obviously bots are very lifelike now because of LLMs (Musk often talks about this). It happened to nostr, which was exciting in the beginning, but quickly became overrun with bots.

Oh there’s which is like Reddit but without the Reddit craziness

I don’t think bots will be a problem here.

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