Laura Braden PhD describes various manufacturing and regulatory issues with the mRNA vaccines


  • Pfizer vaccines have issues with contamination from dsDNA plasmids. It’s not clear if these impurities can have nasty effects such as promoting cancer.
    • Moderna probably caused more side effects than Pfizer, because it contains 100ug or mRNA versus Pfizer which contains 30ug. The Moderna booster contains 50ug.
  • Endotoxin/LPS contamination can lead to inflammation, sepsis, toxic shock syndrome, etc.
    • (Side note: Maria Gutschi and I have been speculating on whether or not it makes a difference if endotoxins get inside the cell or not. If they get inside the cell, the inflammatory pattern will be different and the cell may commit suicide in a process called pyroptosis.)
  • Manufacturing quality of Pfizer mRNA was much lower than what was used in clinical trial. (Personally I feel like this made the vaccines safer and ineffective, but who knows.)
  • The mRNA LNPs get everywhere.
    • Side note: this topic is a bit messy (Braden doesn’t get into it). Other factors such as storage of the vaccine, whether it was shaken, and whether it was injected into a vein affect where the LNPs go and how much spike protein is produced.
  • The mRNA may cause cancer.
  • We’re not really sure what is produced by the mRNA vaccines. It’s supposed to be spike protein but… it seems like something else was produced and we’re not sure what it is.

  • Spike protein may be toxic. These spike problems would be found in Long COVID too.
  • Stuff about masks being pointless, PCR tests being tweaked to generate false positives
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