Ivermectin in the UK?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get ivermectin in the UK, via the NHS or otherwise? If I have to buy it online, I’d prefer to get it from the most reputable place possible. I’d really appreciate it if someone would please let me know.

I would also love to know if it’s considered safe to take ivermectin alongside anticoagulants?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


United pharmacies md or alldaychemist may ship to the UK. There’s a mecfs forum thread that links to pharmacies that will ship to the uk.

I actually don’t know too much about your telemedicine options.

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I have taken Ivermectin while on anticoagulants and have not had any issues

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Thanks! I appreciate it

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Thanks! I’m guessing it didn’t have that much of an effect then

Sa Enterprise, I have been ordering from there since August of 21. I have no issues whatsoever getting it.

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SA Enterprises - https://www.saenterprisesrx.com/

Another source of Indian drugs is https://www.unitedpharmacies-uk.md/ ← They will definitely ship to the UK