Italian group researching a L-arginine supplement may be linked to the supplement's manufacturer

An Italian group claims that a supplement from Farmaceutici Damor increases 6 minute walk distance. Their paper (PMID36501014) states that the supplement was donated by Farmaceutici Damor and that the authors declare no conflicts of interest. However, the trial registration page (NCT04947488) lists the email address barbara.maglione [at] The domain ultimately resolves to the manufacturer’s website (Farmaceutici Damor) at

:point_right: Thus it seems that the supplement manufacturer was involved in this study even if Barbara Maglione is not listed as one of the authors of the paper.

Barbara Maglione

Barbara Maglione has 10 publications according to Semantic Scholar. Some of her more recent publications (1, 2) are related to products from Farmaceutici Damor.

It would make sense for her to be listed as one of the authors on the published paper given:

  • Her publication history. She is a researcher to some degree.
  • She worked on the trial as suggested by the trial registration page.

However, she is not listed as an author. The paper states that no conflicts of interest were declared. :thinking:

Bottom line

Be careful about the reliability of research.