Idea for a general censorship resistant forum

Hi all,

Obviously Reddit is no longer fit for purpose seeing as they are implementing woke censorship policies. I’m sure we’ve all had our own experiences with this. I was recently banned from a subreddit simply for mentioning that I’m vaccine injured. The media and governments have done an amazing job of demonising us.

It seems that Twitter is hopefully a place where freedom of speech will exist, provided its new CEO doesn’t ruin that. One thing that Twitter doesn’t have though, is forums like Reddit. Does anyone know if it might be possible to use the Twitter topics to create spin off forums where people can discuss those topics via an addon or similar? Obviously a lack of freedom of speech with regards to vaccine side effects is costing many people their lives, and so its logical that Reddit must be replaced with a better service as soon as possible.

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Oh yeah I was banned from r/Kitchener because I posted about a free event where Byram bridle would be speaking. They said that he was an antivaxxer. He received grant money to develop a COVID vaccine.

And then there’s my account being marked NSFW because r/ivermectin was brigades with horse porn. Like if somebody showed up to your house and put horse porn everywhere… it would be so inappropriate.

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