ICYMI, a specific vax injury (MIS-V) was reported 10 weeks post-jab

Delayed reactions are real. Look for Buchhorn et al. below as they report a case of vax injury 10 weeks post-jab.

Published case reports on MIS-V

  • Nune et al. - 2 days to onset, 44 year old female. “we highlight the first reported MIS-V case after the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine”
  • Choi et al. - 10 days to onset, 22 year old female. “Ten days after receiving the first dose of coronavirus disease vaccine, a 22-year-old woman in South Korea experienced myocarditis, myopathy, pericarditis, and gastroenteritis; rash subsequently developed.”
  • Grome et al. - 22 days to onset, male healthcare worker in his 30s. “a fatal case of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in an adult with onset 22 days after a second dose of mRNA coronavirus disease vaccine. Serologic and clinical findings indicated severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection occurred before vaccination.”
  • Salzman et al. - Onset not clear, 20 year old female, vaccinated 15 days before hospital admission.
  • Buchhorn et al. - Onset 10 weeks after vaccination, 18 year old male.
  • Yalçinkaya et al. - Diagnosis 27 days after vaccination, 12 year old male.
  • Abdelgalil et al. - Onset ~5 weeks after Moderna vaccination, 12 year old male.
  • Kahn et al. - Symptom onset began 2 hours after vaccine administration, 20 year old male.
  • Lieu et al. - Onset 10 days after vaccination, 21 year old female.
  • Bishawi et al. - Onset 10 days after second vaccine, 37 year old female.
  • DeJong et al. - 14 year old female.
  • Chai et al. - Onset 5 days after vaccination, 17 year old male.
  • Park et al.- Onset 6 days after ChAdOx1 vaccination, 67 year old male.
  • Stappers et al. - Presented symptoms 18 days after Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, young woman.

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