How to access prescription drugs in Canada

Obvs access to healthcare is hard in communist countries like canada. but here’s how you can make it happen anyways

overview here:

canada-specific information: - German quality drugs from Germany. they give you a prescription. they don’t do ivm but they have a lot of prescription drugs. they are easy to deal with an take credit cards.

CC Telehealth - expensive, but this is the least sketchy way of getting prescription drugs.

Dr. Darrell DeMello - Offers telemed services + will help you get the medicines that he prescribes to you. If you go this route, please take on the risk that your meds may not make it past customs. (And you have to do paperwork.) See the featured posts for more info.

buy from a Canadian - well… if you use the resources available in this forum, you can figure out a source in Canada. this is expensive though so you’re probably better off dealing with GoldPharma and getting German quality drugs. (Indian drugs) - I haven’t tried them but this works like an online store.

Actiza Pharma (Indiamart seller) - I never tried them and Indiamart sellers are a pain in the ass to deal with. Pay with credit card so that you can file a chargeback in case you get burned.

Go to the US. Usually not worth the effort.

Have an American friend ship you things. - good for ivm from Malaysia. Somewhat expensive. Doesn’t offer prescription drugs other than ivm. Drugs from Ukraine - They charge about 2X retail price. No ivm, but they do HCQ and some other drugs. Accepts credit cards.

Veterinary meds - They’re cheapest from Ukraine actually.
It’s hard to get vet ivm in Canada unless you go to a store in rural areas.