How people have recovered from autoimmune disease (*but it may be a longshot)

I recently posted about how Autoimmune disease is common in Long COVID and post vax patients. However, autoimmune disease is really weird because some people will experience full remission.

From the risk factors survey, a handful of people reported their autoimmune disease going away (and one or two people reported that it went away and later came back following their vaccination).

Gluten-free diet

The scientific literature also has a few scattered case reports of autoimmune diseases going into remission following some change like a gluten-free diet.

We already know that a gluten-free diet is a great treatment for celiac disease, which is the only autoimmune disease that mainstream medicine treats with diet. The gluten-free diet also seems to have a very small chance of reversing autoimmune disease. For chronic illness patients, the chance of mostly recovering on this diet is likely very low or close to zero. see the data here… go to the slides, search for the word gluten: What worked for 27 people who recovered - Feb 2023

The diet is good for relieving food intolerances or allergies though. A few people respond very positively to the diet.

Carnivore diet and meat-only elimination diets

The Paleomedicina group/clinic in Hungary has put out a number of case reports of autoimmune disease being reversed with their meat-only “paleo ketogenic diet”. I think of it as a meat-only elimination diet. see for the case reports.

There is also a Harvard survey which polled people who have stuck with a carnivore diet for 6 months ( Of 369 participants reporting autoimmune disease, 36% resolved their autoimmunity with an additional 53% reporting improvement.

Before you get all excited, let me point out that this diet doesn’t work that well in chronic illness patients. Among the 25 people below who reported their results, none of them are mostly recovered (this may change with the latest survey). The response rate is low. Very disappointing.

It can still be worth trying because this diet can improve symptoms. However, it’s not the magic bullet that we’d like it to be.

Removing foreign objects from the body - breast implants, catheters, ports, etc.

Only a small segment of chronic illness patients have a foreign object in their body AND that object happens to be easily removed. Some patients report improvement in their autoimmune disease following removal. See:

Chronic Lyme and other infectious diseases look like autoimmune diseases

It may be the case that most/all autoimmune diseases are caused by chronic persistent infections. Regardless of whether or not that’s true, we do know that certain infections have the same symptoms as autoimmune conditions.

Unfortunately, chronic Lyme is difficult to diagnose. And unfortunately, some practitioners will just tell you that you “have” it (with tests that “confirm” it) so that they can treat your “chronic Lyme”. For more information as to whether or not you have chronic Lyme, maybe see this post on Herxheimer reactions. I suspect that few COVID and post-vax long haulers actually have chronic Lyme.


For a deep dive into this topic, see

There have been multiple case reports of multiple sclerosis going into remission following experimental treatment with HIV drugs.

There is a lot of animal research that supports the idea that antimicrobials can be double-edged swords when it comes to autoimmune disease.

For human patients, antimicrobials seem to dominate the list of things that work. Again, you can get the data from the ‘what worked’ video or its slides:

From the videos you can get information on other antimicrobials that could be tried (especially the repurposed ones that are safe in health people). However, it’s all a giant science experiment.


Pretty much all of the treatments mentioned here have a low chance of working, if they even work at all. But it is how people are recovering from autoimmune disease. There are people who are getting better and recovering from chronic Lyme, breast implant illness, autoimmune disease that can be fixed by diet, etc. etc.