Hoeggerl and colleagues: EBV reactivation doesn't cause post-COVID syndrome, declining antibodies suggest successful virus clearance

Not a Long COVID study :frowning:

A whopping 29 out of 163 patients developed PCS (Post-COVID-19 Syndrome). That’s 17.8%. If 1 in 5 people were developing Long COVID after infection, then there would be too much Long COVID relative to what’s actually happening. It’s just too high. So, unfortunately, for that reason, I wouldn’t consider this to be a Long COVID study (the kind of Long COVID that leaves many people unemployed and seeking answers from support groups and other sufferers). What they studied (PCS) is not Long COVID.

Brief summary of findings for PCS

  1. The researchers looked for EBV DNA in blood. They didn’t find anything unusual. They also looked for other signs such as antibodies against EBV and neopterin, a marker for antiviral immune responses.
  2. SARS-CoV-2 antibody levels were declining in all participants in comparable manner over time, pointing to a successful virus clearance.