Heart Palpitations

Hi, could you please advise 1) what is the best treatment for heart palpitations that get worse after exercise / before sleep and after eating. Also, 2) how to treat involuntary muscle twitch/jerks that can happen anywhere anytime . Looking forward to insights, thanks!

Hi Endeavour!

Exercise-related symptoms: Try pacing strategies. See slides 10 and 11 from Patient Experiences Protocol (Dec 2022)

Go to the video description for the slides.

Food-related symptoms: You may want to try a 16 hour fast and/or dietary changes to identify any foods that may be causing symptoms. Gluten free and low histamine are popular diets that have fairly low risk.

Targeted treatments?: see A data-driven approach to Long COVID and COVID vaccine injury treatment (November 2022)

Unfortunately I have yet to identify good treatments for many symptoms.

  1. how to treat involuntary muscle twitch/jerks that can happen anywhere anytime

Sorry I don’t have good ideas right now.

Sorry to hear you are going through this too. I had/have almost exactly the same issues. The only thing that helped me was aspirin and time. The aspirin turned the palpitations down from a 9 to a 8, it wasn’t much but I take all the help I can get. I initially started out on high dose aspirin, it helped me but it is high risk (ulcers, bleeds, etc…), now I just take 81mg a day. Mostly it seemed to be time and rest for me that helped. In early July this year will be my 2nd year mark and I now only rarely experience palpitations anymore, but they still sometimes resurface. The only other thing that helped me a bit was some deep breathing and guided meditations and this helped because I had developed severe anxiety as a result of my injuries and the gaslighting that happened. I was having anxiety attacks which were making my heart issues worse.

I still have some ongoing involuntary muscle movements as well. They seem to be improving for me but I’m not sure. I have not found anything to help with that. When I sleep better it seems better, when I sleep poorly it seems worse.

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