For PSSD sufferers, here's what you can learn from long haulers

Hi, I collect survey data and published RCT on what works for treating COVID vaccine injury and Long COVID. The two most important compilations of data are here:

Top treatments

These treatments alleviate symptoms with very low risk:

  • Pacing strategies

  • Gluten free diet, low histamine diet (in people with severe food intolerances/allergies)

  • Magnesium???

Here are other treatments, most of which seem to deal with the root cause and help people recover. However, while many of them may be very safe in health people, they HAVE RISK in long haulers:

  • Iv3rmectin

  • HCQ

  • Fasting for more than 2 days

  • black seed oil from nigella sativa

  • HBOT

  • Statins

For safety information that you won’t find elsewhere, see these slides for the protocol video. It’s important that you understand that these treatments have risk in long haulers.

Which of those treatments might do something for PSSD?

First we have to look at what does and doesn’t overlap between PSSD and long haul.

Genital numbness and sexual dysfunction aren’t commonly reported in long haulers. That doesn’t seem to overlap. I suspect that long haul treatments won’t touch that stuff.

Things that seem to overlap are the low/moderate rates of:

For these overlapping symptoms, maybe the long haul treatments might work???

Medical experimentation

Right now the only way to find out is to do medical experimentation. I guess we all learned about the perils of medical experimentation the hard way. However, some of the long haul treatments are exceptionally safe in healthy people- specifically pacing strategies and the supermarket food black seed oil.

Please don’t do anything crazy.

Please be aware that response rates are very low (if the treatments even work in the first place). Treatment is very very difficult.

Capturing treatment outcomes

I’ll try to capture data on treatment outcomes on things that people have tried. Keep your eyes peeled for a future survey. I would need help with recruitment though… these surveys don’t work very well if the sample size is too small.

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