Dr. Sabine Hazan blocks the vax injured on Twitter 💩 + grift allegations against Hazan

TL;DR: Tabitha Goldbaum (vax injured) accused her of being “a grifter looking for clout and followers”. Then Sabine Hazan went on some weird tangent about ALS and started blocking people. It’s not a good way of treating the injured.

She has gotten into trouble professionally in the past. Disciplined in 2005 and 2007. FDA Warning letter in 2022.

Twitter allegations that led to Hazan attacking peoople


Tweets from Hazan about Tabitha Goldbaum

Beware of those pretending to have symptoms post the vaccines who do not have ALS. […]

Look at her post today… I have never seen an ALS patient happy to have 4000 followers. So sad. This is exactly what they did to Autism. Sick world

*Context: her = Tabitha Goldbaum, who tweeted about hitting 4k followers. Tabitha has never claimed to have ALS. Hazan may have misspoke thinking that Tabitha claimed that she had ALS (Mike O Mara claims to have ALS but does not claim to have a formal diagnosis of ALS).

Trolls are hired to distract from doing research.
https://twitter.com/SabinehazanMD/status/1702827264730362098 / https://archive.ph/TCiz1

Tweets about myself (@LongHaulWiki)


And then she blocked me (@LongHaulWiki).

Disciplinary action from 2005

  • It was alleged that she “failed to evaluate and or adequately document her evaluation of [5 patients A to E] during a colonoscopy”. Hazan agreed with the factual allegations.
  • Agreed to be monitored for 3 years.


Disciplinary action from 2007

Ventura, CA
Stipulated Decision. Disciplined by Florida for failure to practice within the standard of care and failure to maintain adequate medical records related to her care of a patient. Disciplined by New York for failure to evaluate and document her evaluation of 5 patients during their colonoscopies. Physician must complete a medical record keeping course. Public Reprimand. September 12, 2007


Warning letter from the FDA

Specifically, you did not provide sufficient details concerning how you, as the clinical investigator, will (1) prevent a lapse in IRB continuing review in the future, and (2) prevent the enrollment of subjects and the administration of investigational drug during a period in which the IRB approval has lapsed.

Within 15 business days of your receipt of this letter, you should notify this office in writing of the actions you have taken to prevent similar violations in the future.


Interview re: vaccine injury

She wasn’t really treating vax injury back in 2022.

The bottom line

She’s full of :poop:. I really don’t understand why she’s on Twitter telling people that they’re faking their vax symptoms and accusing people of being trolls.

Screenshots provided by Tabitha Goldbaum

(Mike O Mara is another vax injured person. Mike believes that he has ALS.)

Sabine Hazan responding on Twitter



Sabine’s side of the story regarding the 2005 disciplinary action:

Yes I didn’t document the size of polyps on a colonoscopy. I was too busy taking them out to prevent colon cancer.